Please read the following carefully
USA North 811 will only display the USA North 811 utility member's contact numbers who have indicated that they may have underground facilities at the site selected by the user, as of the date and time of the user's member contact number inquiry. USA North 811 will not display underground facility owners who are not members of USA North 811. It is the total responsibility of the user to determine if there are any non-USA North 811 underground facility owners at the site that they have selected. The user doing the direct input assumes total responsibility for selecting a correct and accurate site. USA North 811 does not verify the accuracy, or assume responsibility for the information entered by the user. USA North 811 does not notify its utility members of any contact number inquiry. The user doing the direct input agrees to hold USA North 811 harmless from and against any and all claims or damages arising out of the information entered by the user.
When the actual excavation is ready to begin, the excavator is required to contact USA North 811 by dialing 8-1-1 and submitting a ticket request, or by submitting your ticket online via our E-Ticket or 811 Express programs. For more information about submitting your ticket online please visit our website